Weekly Doodle Videos for REALTORS®


The Best Video Content to Promote
Your Real Estate Services

Did you know that one of the biggest secrets of many
successful REALTORS® is using the power of explainer
videos to connect, educate and help turn warm leads into
hot clients?


As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” – but a video takes the visual appeal of images to a whole new level in order to help realtors like yourself close more deals and earn even greater profits.

One of the most unique and captivating ways to use video to not only promote your real estate business, but to also rise above your fiercest competition, is through weekly explainer videos.

Weekly explainer videos are a fun and simple way to offer valuable content to potential home buyers and home sellers, but it a way that they can easily understand and appreciate.

Not only will these irresistible videos be beneficial for your leads, but it will also make them trust and like you. When leads trust and like you, this exponentially increases the chances of them doing business with you.

We are now offering exclusive and customized weekly explainer videos to REALTORS® just like yourself.

More Than 150 Videos!

Our video content will cover any subject from the home buying

process, tips on selling a home, and just about any subject

in between that will be helpful to your leads and prospects

Male and female versions

are available!


Not only will each weekly explainer video be customized with your own business information and logo, but you’ll also get full rights to use the videos as you wish!

You can post these videos on hugely popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, email links to the videos to potential leads, or even publish the videos directly on your own website.

Most importantly, you can try

our video service for FREE!

Yes, We offer a 14-day free trial period to test our video service!


How to start


Send us the contact

info that you would like

to add to each video


Sign up for a 14-day

free trial period


Get your video content once

a week, customized with your

contact info and logo

After the free trial period, our service
will cost just $47 per month

    • No contract or commitments
    • You can cancel your subscription
      any time
    • You keep all the videos we’ve
      done for you

A pretty good deal, right?

So, are you ready to try our service?

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Remember, you can try our service for free
and cancel anytime!

How Much Does Your
Service Cost?

Our pricing structure is based on monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans. However, we are offering a two-week trial period in which you can try our services completely free of charge. During this time you will receive two to three videos customized with your contact details and logo.

Are These Videos Produced
by Your Company?

Yes, the videos are developed and produced by our company. Every week we release a new video. If you are looking for interesting and quality content for your social media channels or websites, our videos are the perfect choice. And best of all, you can try our service absolutely free.

Do You Have Video Templates
for Other Industries?

We do not produce video templates for other industries because we are focused on video content for real estate agents. However, we can produce a custom video for you

How Do You Secure
Subscriber Data?

We are fully PCI compliant; we don’t handle or store customer financial information directly. The payment operators we use, such as Paypal and Paddle, have top-level security to keep your information safe.

How Does Your Service Work?

If you are subscribed to our service, every week you will receive one done-for-you explainer video, customized with your contact details and logo. All videos are made in MP4 format, so uploading them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or your website is a piece of cake.

What Do You Customize
in These Videos?

We add your contact details: your name (or company name), logo, phone number and website address, which you provide upon ordering.

Do I Have the Full Rights
to Use These Videos?

You will have full rights to the videos to use them as you wish for as long as you like.

Do You Offer Videos for
the Canadian Market?

Yes, we provide videos for Canadian real estate market. We work hard to make our videos up-to-date for both the US and Canadian markets.

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