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“Ease Their Nerves, Educate Them and Provide Useful Content in a Time of Crisis.”

How REALTORS® Can Fight with The Crisis

How Real Estate Agents Can Fight with The Crisis

The Real Estate market is now slowed down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Nowadays people do not want to sell or buy houses at all. All their thoughts are focused on the basic needs like health, food, and medicine. Nobody thinks about the new house when the apocalypse is knocking on the door.

Most REALTORS® moved online to stay afloat. They use Social Media Marketing, Key Opinion Leaders, Target Advertisements, and many other technologies to promote their business online. There are a lot of instruments to keep your business alive and clients warmed up during the global pandemic. And Real Estate Video Content is one of the most effective.

What We Have Got for You

We will provide you with informative content, which helps the audience to understand how the industry is arranged, but not the promo advertisements. It is not about promotional movies that are showing the Real Estate object but more about the educational content that explains the rules of the Real Estate market game. It is impossible to stimulate demand with aggressive advertisements now because potential clients would not stop fearing the virus. After all, the danger is real. So, there is no sense to offer something straight, it is much better to give the audience useful information and Real Estate video content via Doodle.Video to provide such information.

Is Video Content Effective?

Effectiveness of the video content is proven by Tom Ferry – the #1 expert on the Real Estate Market. He recommends every REALTOR® to refrain from making physical contact with customers during these challenging Coronavirus days. Do you know what brands will have a bigger trust after the pandemic and quarantine end? It’s those who have supported their audience and stayed with them while giving useful and helpful information. Besides, the value of educational content is rising now. With quarantine in full swing, people are consuming content more than ever before because they are stuck, worried, and bored. Now is the perfect time to make videos that entertain, educate, and create marketing assets for the future…

Doodle.Video offers you the opportunity to warm up potential clients with interesting and educational video content. Nowadays, people do not need one more beautiful advertisement, they want to become smarter and get useful information in the sphere they are interested in. For example:

How Real Estate Agents Can Fight with The Crisis

There are answers to all these questions that your potential clients can find in videos by Doodle.Video. We know all the needs and behaviors of your audience and clearly formulate all the solutions to address their unique needs. We also know that at some point the pandemic will stop, life tempo will align, people will become interested in Real Estate and will be able to sell and buy houses again. When the market and purchasing power recovers, you will have your clients warmed up and ready to cooperate, because during these hard times you were close and offered something very helpful.

How Do the Videos Look

We offer you short animated video clips which last approximately 1-2 minutes and show a scene from a home buyer’s or seller’s life. A video is made depicting a positive mood, in a realistic conversational style that is clear and energetic. Our video content will cover any subject from the home buying process, tips on selling a home, and just about any subject in between that will be helpful to your leads and prospects.

Here is an example:

Home Buying Process During a Pandemic

How Real Estate Agents Can Fight with The Crisis
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At the end of each video, we personalize the message for your customers.

The last screen of the video will end with…

How Real Estate Agents Can Fight with The Crisis

Right now, is NOT the time to disappear and hole up.

Your clients NEED to hear from you now more than ever…

The actions you take over the coming weeks or months will dramatically impact your business.

Your real estate business does NOT need to grind to a halt and for this, we have a solution.

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See you on the other side!

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How Real Estate Agents Can Fight with The Crisis

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