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How to Get Home Seller and Home Buyer Leads From Facebook

By using explainer videos and Facebook Messenger

Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

​Tired of hearing other real estate agents gush about how successful their Facebook campaign was when yours is falling flat?

The time has come to change it!

Just invest five minutes of your time reading this page and learning this method, and you will become a Facebook real estate lead-generating machine.

We are going to revel the secret about how two simple videos can help you to find people who are willing to sell or buy a house and how to catch their attention with the Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate


Are you familiar with Facebook marketing? What is the Facebook Ads manager? What is Messenger? And how to set up ads on Facebook?

If you don’t know how to make a basic setup of Facebook ads just enter “how to set up facebook ads” on Google or YouTube, you will find thousands of tutorials.

The purpose of this article is to describe the advanced method of Facebook marketing with the help of videos and messenger.

We are going to reveal only the main idea of this method in order to save your time, omitting explanations on the basic Facebook ads setup.

So, here’s the method:

All realtors managing successful campaigns on Facebook stick to the four main targets to find potential leads.

These are:

  • The city where they want to find leads;
  • Age range;
  • Whether the lead is likely to move;
  • Their income.
Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

This approach severely narrows the range of potential leads, so there is a chance that several thousands of leads are missed. These are users who don’t have the income information in their profile, and Facebook doesn’t know whether they are likely to move.

But how to reach those hidden leads?

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

Here is the trick:

Our first goal is to find the home owners who are willing to sell their home without likely to move” and income targeting.

For this purpose we will need any video that will be interesting to watch for our potential home sellers.

For example, we used this explainer video:

Why video?

If you just ask someone to enter their information to find out how much their home is worth, you will get junk leads with incorrect names, numbers, and emails, which is a waste of money.

Instead, you are going offer what the marketing mavens call a “Lead Magnet”. You will offer something valuable that you know will catch the attention of a seller.

What valuable things can you offer to a person who potentially wants to sell his home?

That’s right! They want to know how to avoid mistakes and to sell their home more profitably.

That’s why they will be interested in watching such a video.

We begin with creating an ad based on video views.

Why video views?

Because it’s the cheapest way to advertise on Facebook, costing only $0.01 per video view.

So, open your Facebook ad manager and choose “Video views” as your marketing objective.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

The second step is to choose the target city for your video to be shown (you can target also by zip code if you wish to narrow down your audience). Choose the age of potential seller, ad placements (we recommend mobile devices only), and your budget.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

Note: When you target a city or a zip code, switch to “people living in” that particular area. This ensures that only people currently living in that location will see your ad.

Next, upload the video, add a description and publish your ad.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

The main idea is for your video to be watched by as many potential sellers as possible.

In that connection phase, your audience may be cold (they may not know or have heard of you), so you have to warm them up before going for contact.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

After your video has been showing up for several days and has gathered a couple of thousand views it’s time to reveal our hidden home sellers. [This Is Where The Magic Happens]

How do we reveal hidden home sellers on Facebook?

Facebook lets you retarget people based on video views.

Facebook lets you create an audience from those who watched at least 75% of your video. If a person watched at least 75% of your video, that means he is interested in this topic. And he is probably planning to sell his home now or in the near future. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have watched the video almost to the end.

Now your task is to create your audience from users who have watched at least 75% of your video and retarget them with another video to make them contact you.

For this purpose you are going to use another video where you introduce yourself to your potential lead, show him the services you provide, and ask him to contact you for a free consultation. We’ve been using this video:

So, you create your audience from those who watched 75% of your first video.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

Choose “Traffic” as your next marketing objective.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

Set up targeting so that your ad will be shown only to the users who watched more than 75% of your first video.

Next, give your ad set a name and make sure the Website or Messenger option is selected.

Now set your budget and select your custom audience.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

After you have given your ad a name and connected it to your Facebook page, head to the Create Ad section.

In this section upload your second video, add a description and a Send message button to let them contact you through messenger.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

What Are Messenger Ads?

A Messenger ad is a Facebook news feed ad that opens inside the Messenger app when users click the call-to-action (CTA) button. The ad will let users jump inside your Facebook page’s Messenger tab to ask you a question.

Why messenger?

Because with messenger you can qualify every lead and detect the phase of interest he is in at the given moment. This will save time by detecting only highly qualified leads.

The example below shows what an ad looks like inside the Messenger app after someone clicks it.

Note: In order to set up automatic questions in messenger with multiple options you will need to use third party chatbot services. You can either Google for instructions.

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

Pretty cool, huh? But wait—we’re not even done yet.

Some home sellers will work with you immediately, some will want to sell in three or six months, so you need to create a follow up system so that they won’t forget about you.

You need to use explainer videos and Facebook messenger for that.

Just send your leads short video tips on selling a house every week.

For example:

Facebook Messenger Strategy for Real Estate

That’s it! Now the home seller is on your hook and when he is ready to sell his house you will be right by his side.

This method works not only for home sellers but for home buyers as well.

We have a special video which we have been using to reveal the potential buyers and to retarget using the second video to promote our services. This makes buyers contact us via Messenger where we can redistribute them by their level of interest and choose only the best leads.


If you want to try this method, and you do not have video content for Facebook ads and Messenger, why not use our videos?

Our videos provide explanations of the various home buying and selling processes; they are a perfect tool for this strategy.

Best of all, you can access some of these videos absolutely free!

Simply press the orange button for more details.

See you on the other side!

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